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My representative is Democratic Jay Inslee

My representative is Democratic Jay Inslee - A recent...

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My representative is Democratic Jay Inslee, he is assigned to the Energy and Commerce committee. He is very concerned with clean energy. He wants to promote his vision for clean energy future, the New Apollo Energy Act. The act is about “Our New Apollo Energy Act will provide $49 billion in government loan guarantees for the construction of clean-energy generation facilities that will produce power from wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, oceans, coal with carbon-sequestration technology, and other sources. The legislation will also commit $10.5 billion to research-and-development investment tax credits for clean energy-producing operations. In addition, it includes a 10-year extension of the current credit for electricity generated from clean sources. Making these clean energy sources cost-effective for citizens will require this type of bold infrastructure investment by the federal government”. ( Jay Inslee, )
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Unformatted text preview: A recent update from January 19, 2012 states that water power including conventional water power, wave, and tidal and other power sources can potentially provide 15 percent of our nations electricity by 2030. (DOE reports show great potential of marine energy resources, January 19, 2012) Washington States high-tech economy, promote privacy protections for American consumers, strengthen Social Security and Medicare and provide more resources for veterans and port security. This same approach prompted Speaker Nancy Pelosi in July of 2009 to ask Jay to play a key role in negotiating a solution to the Medicare reimbursement inequities Washington State patients and health care providers have faced for decades. The compromise Jay helped lead became part of the health care reform legislation which the House passed in 2009. ( Jay Inslee, )...
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