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Lecture 6 Supplement

Lecture 6 Supplement - World Bank Policy Research Working...

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Fall 2011 Christina Romer University of California, Berkeley David Romer ECONOMICS 210C / ECONOMICS 236A MONETARY HISTORY SUPPLEMENTAL READINGS OCTOBER 5 – EFFECTS OF FINANCIAL CRISES Woodford, Michael. 2010. “Financial Intermediation and Macroeconomic Analysis,” Journal of Economic Perspectives 24 (Fall): 21-44. Reinhart, Carmen M. and Kenneth S. Rogoff. 2008. “Is the 2007 Sub-Prime Financial Crisis So Different? An International Historical Comparison.” American Economic Review 98 (May): 339-344. Reinhart, Carmen M. and Kenneth S. Rogoff. 2008. “This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises.” NBER Working Paper 13882 (March). Caprio, Gerard, and Daniela Klingebiel. 1996. “Bank Insolvencies.”
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Unformatted text preview: World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 1620 (July). Bordo, Michael, Barry Eichengreen, Daniela Klingebiel, and Maria Soledad Martinez-Peria. 2001. “Is the Crisis Problem Growing More Severe?” Economic Policy 16 (April): 51, 53-82. Silber, William L. 2007. “The Great Financial Crisis of 1914: What Can We Learn from Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency?” American Economic Review 97 (May): 285-289. Miron, Jeffrey A. 1986. “Financial Panics, the Seasonality of the Nominal Interest Rate, and the Founding of the Fed.” American Economic Review 76 (March): 125-140. Cerra, Valerie and Sweta Chamen Saxena. 2008. “Growth Dynamics: The Myth of Economic Recovery.” American Economic Review 98 (March): 439-457....
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