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Fall 2011 Christina Romer University of California, Berkeley David Romer ECONOMICS 210C / ECONOMICS 236A MACROECONOMIC HISTORY SUPPLEMENTAL READINGS OCTOBER 26 – THE EFFECTS OF QUANTITATIVE EASING Mishkin, Frederic. 1981. “The Real Interest Rate: An Empirical Investigation.” Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 15 (Autumn): 151-200. Cecchetti, Stephen G. 1992. “Prices During the Great Depression: Was the Deflation of 1930-1932 Really Unanticipated?” American Economic Review 82 (March): 141- 156. Hamilton, James D. 1992. “Was the Deflation During the Great Depression Anticipated? Evidence from the Commodity Futures Market.” American Economic Review 82 (March): 157-178. Nelson, Daniel B. 1991. “Was the Deflation of 1929-1930 Anticipated? The Monetary Regime as Viewed by the Business Press.”
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Unformatted text preview: Research in Economic History 13: 1-65. Modigliani, Franco, and Richard Sutch. 1966. Innovations in Interest Rate Policy. American Economic Review 56 (March): 178-197. Gagnon, Joseph, Matthew Raskin, Julie Remache, and Brian Sack. 2011. The Financial Market Effects of the Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchases. International Journal of Central Banking 7 (March): 3-43. Joyce, Michael A. S., Ana Lasaosa, Ibrahim Stevens, and Matthew Tong. 2011. The Financial Market Impact of Quantitative Easing in the United Kingdom. International Journal of Central Banking 7 (September): 113-161. Krishnamurthy, Arvind, and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen. 2011. The Effects of Quantitative Easing on Interest Rates: Channels and Implications for Policy. Unpublished paper (October)....
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