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1 FIN 7400: FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT SPRING 2011 GROUP PROJECT Date: January 4, 2011 File: C:\Class Material\Financial Risk Management 7400\Assignments\Group Project.doc Overview The class will be divided into groups of (hopefully) no more than five. If possible, I will use your backgrounds to try to create some diversity of experience. Each group will create a fictional company. You have complete freedom to create any type of company you want, as long as it is engaged in a legal business. (Stay away from otherwise legal but unsavory businesses such as spam, spyware, and pornography.) Assume that the company is publicly traded with its stock either on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, or a foreign or regional U. S. exchange. Do not simply find an obscure company and copy the necessary information from published material on it. There is a good chance I can find the company on the Internet. You can certainly use real companies as models, but show sufficient originality to distinguish your company from one that actually exists. Creating your own company should be fun and should actually make the overall task easier. Whatever information you need, you can make up. The disadvantage, however, is the potential for inconsistency. For example, if you created a series of financial statements showing the company being profitable with no dividends and yet its equity has not grown, it would not be consistent. Specific Requirements Your group is an outside risk management consulting firm that undertakes the design of risk management systems for companies. The Board of Directors of this company has instructed the Chief Financial Officer (me) to make a recommendation regarding whether and how the company should manage risk. I have, in turn, hired your firm to study this matter for several months. You ultimate goal is to prepare a report of 15-25 pages doubled-spaced, 10-12 point font, and a Powerpoint presentation, which you will make to the Board of Directors. (Note: All references to the word “firm” are to your firm, the outside consultants; all references to the word “company” are to the company that hires your firm.) Your firm will identify and analyze the company’s risks. It will then make a recommendation of
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