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Unformatted text preview: H .o: ZOHmmmm: m_>_m_._.m>m mm>>On_ ZH mFZmHmzéh vmm mum. ECE 524 Session 1, Page 1/4 Transients in Power Systems Spring 2012 ECE 524: Transients Power Systems Spring 2012 DESCRIPTION Voltage transients; overvoltages during faults; recovery voltage characteristics; are restrikes, switching surges, ferroresonance, and nonlinear phenomena PREREQUISITES Power Systems Analysis (UI ECE422 or equivalent) or instructor’s permission. INSTRUCTOR Brian K. Johnson CONTACT INFO Ph: 208-885—6902 (or through BC, 800—824-2889. Ext 6902) Fax: 208—885—6165 (EO Fax) E-mail: bjohnsonQDuidahoedu or b.l<[email protected]§ee.01;g CLASS TIME 1:30~2:20Vn MWF, EP 203 OFFICE HOURS M,W,F: 11:00am—12:00pm T,Th: 11:30am—12130pm or anytime my door is open COURSE WEB SITE http:/_/www.ece.uidaho.edu/ee/power/ECE524 TEXT J .0 Das, Transients in Electrical Systems. McGraW—Hill, 2010 REFERENCES l. A. Greenwood, Electrical Transients in Power Systems, second edition. Wiley—Interscience, 1991 2. L. van der Sluis, Transients in Power Systems. Wiley, 2001 3. J .A. Martinez—Velasco, Power System Transients: Parameter Determination. CRC Press, 2009. 4. Rule book or manual for the EMTP—like program you use SOFTWARE 1. Several of the assignments will require students to conduct transient simulations. Suggested tools include ATP or EMTDC (more info in first lecture and on course web page). Students are not restricted to these two tools, but some form of transient simulation tool is required. 2. You may find it useful to use MathCAD or a similar tool for some of the analysis. You can order the latest version of the student edition of MathCAD for a reduced price through the University of Idaho Department of Civil Engineering (208— 885—6782) say you are in a U1 Engineering Course. GRADING: ‘ Item Percent of Grade A: 9 O — 1 O O Homework 40% B : 8 0 ~ 8 9 Examl 30% C: 70—79 Final Exam 30% D: 6 O — 6 9 F : < 60 U ECE524 I Variants Lecture 1 0 Original version mainly modeled RLC elements switches, sources and lines 0 Many extensions and several versions » ATP: Alternate transients program (http://wwwemtporg) » EMTP-RV (http://wwwemtpcom) latest from DCG » EMTDC: student version available free from their web site (http://www.pscad.com/) » RTDS: Real time digital simulator (cost) » SimPOWER blockset for Matlab Introduction Spring 2012 U ' E CE524 I EMTP—hke Programs Lecture; 0 Designed to study transient phenomenon from a few hundred Hertz to hundreds of kHz 0 Switching surges, faults studies, insulation coordination, power electronic interactions with power systems 0 EMTP can also model do systems and electromechanical interactions 0 Trapezoidal integration scheme astable » Stable results if transient response modeled is stable Introduction Spring 2012 ...
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