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Unformatted text preview: Math Skills Video The Math Skills + Problems video is a resource for Saint Anselm College students who wish to brush up on their mathematics skills in preparation for the algebra-based physics course General Physics I. Students planning to take Classical Physics I will also find the tape useful. The outline of part I of the video tape, a review of selected mathematics topics, is given below. On pages 2 and 3 of this handout you will find the problems whose solutions are presented in part II of the video tape. It is suggested that you watch part I and then do the problems as if the problem set was an exam. Then watch part II of the video. If any or your solutions are wrong, use the video tape to get the correct solutions figured out. (Don't memorize the solutions. Learn how to work them out on your own.) Repeat every week until you can consistently score 100% on the "exam". Since not all of the topics discussed in part I are tested in the "exam", it is recommended that you then copy down the sample problems given in part I of the video to...
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