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CSCI 1200 – Introduction to Computing Administrative: 01/27/2003 Teaching assistants Elizabeth White ( [email protected] ) Ying Chen ( [email protected] ) Recitations The purpose of the recitations is to show you how to apply the general concepts you have learned in lecture to solve specific problems, which will be similar to the ones you need to solve for your homework. Every Monday, we will post a handout that outlines what you need to know for that recitation; you will need to download and print it. Recitation attendance is optional, but is also strongly recommended ! Recitations are the only place where we will discuss the specifics of the Excel and Word writeups and the Java programming assignments. Whether you choose to attend or not, you are still responsible for knowing all of the material covered in recitation. If you can’t make it to the recitation you’re assigned to, or you’re not quite sure that you understood the TA, then feel free to come to another recitation section. If you can’t come to recitation at all one week, you should still download and read the handouts. Web page The Web page is at All kinds of course information, such as scheduling changes, clarifications of
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rec1admin - CSCI 1200 Introduction to Computing...

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