SWOT Analysis - Strengths Unique product o The Village Caf...

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Strengths Unique product o The Village Café engenders a wide assortment of organic, healthy, and local food items. Products include coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice, salads, sandwiches, and quiche. It also carries local Texas beer and wine. The café prides itself on localizing and helping support the local community and farms through its product sourcing. Website o The Village Café has a very well developed website. It allows customers to keep up to date on events through social networking via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and several types of multimedia. It provides quality information such as their current menu, company story, and basic information about the store. Customer relationship oriented o Customer loyalty is high among the target market according to our interviews. Numerous customers say that they enjoy the experience they have when visiting and this keeps them coming back. Ambiance o According to our survey, many customers reference the atmosphere as a reason they visit The Village Café. This attribute sets them apart from other coffee shops as well as other organic venues. Promotional events o Events attract customers and offer extra incentive for people to come in and purchase products, create and build relationships, and get an all around experience. Not only does this allow for an increase in sales, but it also offers an experience with the café, its location, and staff members. Location o Downtown Bryan is a destination location that the target market would select. It appeals to people working and living locally who desire to escape their daily lives and experience a relaxing and enjoyable time. Weaknesses
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SWOT Analysis - Strengths Unique product o The Village Caf...

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