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ABWA Constitution Suggestions

ABWA Constitution Suggestions - CHAPTER BYLAWS OF THE...

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CHAPTER BYLAWS OF THE AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION AT TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY ARTICLE I. NAME The name of this organization is and shall continue to be the AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. ARTICLE II. CHAPTER GOALS SECTION 1. The goals of this chapter are to: increase the business efficiency of all members; improve the earning power of all members; promote good relations between employers and employees; assist members in securing employment; advance members in a social, business and educational way; and assist women in the community to better themselves through education. SECTION 2 . The Texas A&M University chapter, located in College Station, Texas, is a charter member of the national American Business Women's Association Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. The Association shall be non-partisan, nonsectarian and nonprofit organizations whose members shall have the sole right to govern and control all of its activities through officers set forth in these bylaws. ARTICLE III. MEMBERS SECTION 1. Chapter membership is a valued privilege. Candidates for membership in this chapter shall meet the requirements set forth in the National Bylaws. Membership shall be limited to individuals who support the mission of the Association and who are Texas A&M students in good standing with the University working towards a major or minor in the Mays Business School. I ALWAYS UNDERSTOOD THAT ANYONE CAN JOIN EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT MINORING IN BUSN…FOR THE OPEN HOUSE WE NEED TO BE CLEAR THAT YOU HAVE TO MAJOR/MINOR IN BUSN. Candidacy shall be initiated by the student and upon payment of dues and meeting attendance they shall be welcomed into the organization. Any individual, by accepting membership into the Association, does thereby agree to abide by all the provisions of the bylaws, rules, procedures and policies of the Association. SECTION 2. The dues of this chapter shall be $60, THIS SHOULD REFLECT THE NEW AMOUNT $75 BECAUSE OF THE WIN $15 FEE payable in advance annually to the chapter treasurer. Any member who shall not pay the chapter dues within forty-five (45) days after such are due and payable shall be removed from the chapter membership roster. No special assessments nor chapter initiation fees may be levied. SECTION 3. Only members in good standing locally and nationally shall be eligible to vote and participate in any other chapter activity. SECTION 4. Procedures for disciplining and/or removing a member will begin with a notice to the member/officer of the issue. The member/officer will thereby be given an opportunity to share his/her perspective of the issue with the officers and the officers will compare actions with the national bylaws and decide to exempt this member from the organization or not.
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