Women's Studies-Blog #3

Women's Studies-Blog #3 - So a few weeks ago I went to the...

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So a few weeks ago I went to the Juicy Justine event. It was a pretty cool event to go to and nothing of what I expected. When you first walked in, you saw a table full of condoms, lube, etc. So you thought that this was going to be one of those serious lectures where adults just tell you what not to do and don’t try to explain anything. Well this was just the opposite. Dr. Justine Shuey got people involved and brought the talk to the 21 st century. She was funny, energetic and passionate about getting people educated. I even participated in a few exercises. One of the things that were stressed during our talk was loving you above everything else. This was the key to everything in your life. If you don’t have any respect for yourself, why should anybody else? Now first coming into this, I was thinking that this was just going to be a talk about safe sex, what not to do, and maybe some positions that work the best. But you have to realize that to have a sustaining relationship, you need to be secure with yourself. From this, you can form positive images about yourself that can rub off on anyone you meet. Even though the outcome was not ideal, Brandon Teena was secure with himself to go out in public and try to life
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Women's Studies-Blog #3 - So a few weeks ago I went to the...

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