Introduction to Legal Studies-Final Review Sheet

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Introduction to Legal Studies Review Sheet substantive law compensatory damages (general and special) procedural law remedies at law/equity sources of American law punitive damages cause of action liquidated damages inferior courts replevin trial courts ejectment appellate courts equitable remedies stare decesis (precedent) legal remedies subject matter jurisdiction injunctions/TRO diversity of citizenship specific performance Erie Doctrine rescission/reformation Jurisdiction over the person (In personam) case or controversy rule jurisdiction over property justiciable long arm statute advisory opinion venue moot/ripeness civil complaint statute of limitations service of process res judicata summons collateral estoppel preliminary objections compulsory joinder motion for a more specific pleading immunity motion to dismiss (demurrer) workers compensation answer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) new matter neutral responsive pleading (reply) mediation counterclaim early neutral evaluation
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