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Comm. Process-Motocycle Assignment Notes

Comm. Process-Motocycle Assignment Notes - boasting about...

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I thought that Person A was a female. Some examples to support this are from Line 46 when Person A really didn’t want to hear about Person B’s injuries. This made me think that Person A was a female because she was sensitive to the topic. Another example was in Lines 30-34, when Person A struggled to tell the story of how they got into their accident. Even though men can struggle with reliving traumatic experiences, women have a more emotional side which made me think that Person A was a female. Also to go along with this, in Line 24 when Person A was sniffing over listening to Person B’s story, they were just showing the more emotional side that women have. I thought that Person B was a male. Some examples were from Line 40, from the way he was talking about the other girl form the bike. He was laughing at how the other person got hurt and
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Unformatted text preview: boasting about coming out on top. Men usually always try to make everything a competition with each other. Also he talked about the specific make of the motorcycle, something that men take pride in knowing. Another thing that stood out was in Line 8, mentioning that he only took a 30 second bathroom break. Most women take a lot longer than that. From Line 20-21, Person B plays off their scar, just saying it was from an accident. Men don’t take their wounds as seriously as women might take a physical flaw. To go along with that, in Line 44-45, Person B was just bragging about his injuries, further showing that men don’t take their injuries as seriously as women might....
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