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Afro-Amer. History Rec.-Week 10 Question Sheet

Afro-Amer. History Rec.-Week 10 Question Sheet -...

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Read: 1) “A Leader Who Stood Out in a Forest of Tall Trees” Clayborne Carson, page 296 2) “Challenging the Politics of Spokesmanship” Charles M. Payne, page 305 3) Melba Pattillo.. page 284 4) Fannie Lou Hamer… page 286 5) MLK Jr. page 289 Writing Assignment: “A Leader Who Stood Out…” essay (page 296): What qualities of ML King does Carson argue have been exaggerated? What qualities does the author praise him for, instead? How does he characterize him instead? What is
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Unformatted text preview: problematic, in the author’s opinion, about over-emphasizing the role of MLK. “Challenging the Politics…” essay (page 305): What does Ella Barker think are the problems with the NAACP? What are some of her goals to fix these problems? Who is she trying to involve and give voice to? So, what does that tell you about her vision for where the power in the fight for civil rights comes from? How is her vision of leadership like King’s?...
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