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Chyna Golden January 11, 2012 Argument Video Games Argument Does Not Consider how the violent games are being considered, being should specific games and users be considered or just in general Paucity-scarcity Research has tended to vary with social distance -degree of closeness or similarity perceived between oneself and the person one considers when making judgments of potential media effects Two factors that increase perception of negative media effects on others were closeness and vagueness Another factor would be if the estimator see the considered persons as belonging to the same group in terms of identity dimension ( shared cultural, subcultural) When people were asked to come up with reasons why the games are so violent may be less persuaded than those who were just asked on the spot o If people find it hard to come up with reasons why the games are so violent, that
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Unformatted text preview: will lead to reduced perceptions of negative effects compared to those not considering a specific game. Does • Games like “Grand Theft Auto III” promote killing, stealing cars, and have prostitutes push the question whether the gaming system is acting responsibly to protect children from this type of violence • There can be a cultivation effect on children, that over time media can incrementally change a person’s perception of reality • According to Grossman’s book, On Killing, he says humans possess a reluctance to kill another human being but that this can be broken down through conditioning techniques. In a follow-up book Stop Teaching Our Kids to kill, he says that these games are teaching kids to use weapons and hardening their emotions to murder....
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