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2/23/2012 1 GEOS 100 – Fundamentals of Geology Thursday, 23 February 2012 Announcements: Reading Quiz 5 due Tuesday 28 Feb, 9:15 am Lab this week: Presentation work time Lab Exam 1 coming up 5 – 9 March (week after next)! If you need a grade check, please give me an email heads-up in advance How do earth materials change from one type to another through the Rock Cycle? How is sediment transported? What factors influence mass wasting? How are sedimentary rocks classified? What can sedimentary rocks tell us about past environments? Should Exam 2 have a Group version also? Heck yes! No way dude. 7% 93% a) Heck yes! b) No way dude.
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2/23/2012 2 Should Group Exam 2 be weighted at 20% (rather than 10%)? Heck yes! No way dude. 5% 95% a) Heck yes! b) No way dude. Chemical Weathering Chemical weathering takes place at the surface of rocks Controls on rates of chemical weathering: 1) Presence or absence of fractures 2) Particle size 3) Parent material 4) Climate
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001_2012.02.23_mass_wasting - 2/23/2012 GEOS 100...

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