comm Group projects for Wood 4-7

comm Group projects for Wood 4-7 - Group One: Listening...

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Group One: Listening First, discuss and review the concepts in chapter 4. What is the process of listening, what are the obstacles, and how can we listen for specific goals? Second, find 4-5 interviews to watch and analyze. (television, Youtube) These can be political, sports, entertainment, talk show, etc… interviews. Complete the “Sharpen Your Skills” Activity #2 on p. 94 of your textbook to analyze and compare the listening in each of these interviews. Third, prepare a 15-minute presentation outlining the concepts from the text, explaining your project, its results, and its value . Offer guidelines for improving listening to the class. It should be organized and all group members must participate in both the preparation and presentation. Feel free to use role plays, demonstration, visual aids, etc… to enhance your presentation. Be prepared for a 5 minute question/answer period following your presentation. You will be timed in order for everyone to have the same opportunity. Group Two: Verbal Communication First, summarize and discuss the information contained in chapter 5 textbook. What is the key to understanding verbal communication? Explain the concepts of Arbitrary, Abstract, and Ambiguous. What are principles of Verbal Communication? What are the symbolic abilities of verbal communication? Use this information to complete and present the project. Second, interview two individuals for each age group 30, 40, 50, 60+. Find out what the following words meant to them when they were 18-25. Black
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comm Group projects for Wood 4-7 - Group One: Listening...

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