Soc BSU Syllabus Soc 101 Spring 2012(1)

Soc BSU Syllabus Soc 101 Spring 2012(1) - Ms. Desiree...

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Office Hours by appointment [email protected] Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology Section 006 Spring 2012 Course Description The basic concepts, principles, and processes in Sociology. This course is an introduction to material relating to culture, social interaction, institutions, and social change. Course Schedule This course meets Tues/Thurs. in ILC-202. Class begins promptly at 10:40 a.m. . I expect you to be on time for class. Course Objectives Sociology is an organized form of intellectual curiosity with the objective of broadening and advancing the understanding of our social environment. This understanding can be used for pleasure, to increase your understanding of the range of personal choices in your life, or as the basis of more effective decision- making in a wide variety of professional and occupational settings. Sociological understanding informs much of profession, business and government operations, as well as policy and practice. Outcomes Assessment: Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: Define sociology; identify the basic components of the sociological perspective and understand the major sociological theories. Become familiar with the historical development of sociology. Understand normative systems and the impact of culture upon human behavior. Identify the importance of a global perspective and interdependence of our world’s nations and people. Understand the major features of social stratification systems. Define various forms of social organization and understand the
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This note was uploaded on 02/28/2012 for the course SOCI 101 taught by Professor Verginiahusting during the Spring '08 term at Boise State.

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Soc BSU Syllabus Soc 101 Spring 2012(1) - Ms. Desiree...

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