Socio 101 -Self Evaluation

Socio 101 -Self Evaluation - Ricardo Ruiz-Gonzalez Jr....

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Ricardo Ruiz-Gonzalez Jr. 2/27/12 Socio 101 Sec. – 006 Reflection Paper My poster is a perfect representation of myself. It has many pictures that have a significant value to me. Also I put some phrases and words that I live my life by. Which are brotherhood, pride, culture, discipline, strength, friendship and family first. All these words and phrase are on the outside of my fraternities coat of arms. The reason I put the coat of arms of Delta Sigma Phi in the middle is because all the words and phrases I put around it are all morals and values we follow in my fraternity. The word pride for me means being proud of yourself and something more. Iam proud to be Peruvian. That is why I put the word pride by a Peruvian flag. Being proud of being Peruvian has really helped me throughout the years to establish my own identity. Many ignorant people think Im Mexican because Iam of a brown color and I speak fluent Spanish. It makes me happy and proud that I can prove them wrong by saying iam Peruvian. I lived in Peru for about a total of a year. Within that year I learned what it meant to be Peruvian. I learned that in a 3 rd world country people don’t take things for granted like many Americans do. Also I learned that family and discipline are a big part of what it means to be a Peruvian. To work hard and love your family is held very high up on the totem pole of how to live your life in Peru. Culture is defined as “development or improvement of the mind by education or training. The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.” I put this on my poster because there is a lot of culture in my fraternity. We share many of the same beliefs and are all living up to the standard of being better men. I put this word by the picture of my
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dad’s families coat of arms because I feel it represents a different type of culture. It is very old
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Socio 101 -Self Evaluation - Ricardo Ruiz-Gonzalez Jr....

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