HRM313-Ch. 4 Discussion Questions

HRM313-Ch. 4 Discussion Questions - Fatima Iqbal 02/12/2012...

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Fatima Iqbal 02/12/2012 HRM313 Ch.4: Discussion Questions Incentive Pay 1. Though I can see how individual incentive programs can promote increased motivation, which would result in increased production, I have to nevertheless, agree with the statement “Individual incentive plans are less preferable than group incentives and companywide incentives.” The reason why I say this is because the disadvantages of Individual incentive plans seem to be more complex and challenging to tackle than the disadvantages that a company would expect after implementing group and/or companywide incentive program(s). Inflexibility, unrealistic standards hampering employee motivation, time-consuming performance standards, external factors affecting outcomes and undesirable behavior are not only more disadvantages than the various group or companywide methods organizations can apply to their firms, but they seem to also warrant more complex and convoluted solutions. Not only are the disadvantages of individual incentive plans troublesome, but there is also the trend concerning organizations becoming less hierarchal and more flatter in this day and age, which may make individual incentive programs unfitting for implementation of corporate needs and goals. By implementing group and companywide incentives, the organization and teams are ensured to work towards a common goal together. Teams are also more likely to accomplish more tasks and develop more ideas than one, individual employee/worker, working towards their own, individualistic goals that can result in individualistic behavior.
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2. One job that individual incentives may seem to work is where value is placed on
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HRM313-Ch. 4 Discussion Questions - Fatima Iqbal 02/12/2012...

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