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Strategic Staffing (2nd Edition)

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Fatima Iqbal 01/30/12 HRM321 Assign. #1/Case #2 Dear Ann and Ryan Chern, My name is Fatima Iqbal and I’ve been hired as an external consultant to better improve the HR and staffing strategies currently administered within your company, Chern’s. Currently, your plan to better improve your company’s competitive advantage via staffing is discernibly inadequate. As a result, I’ve come up with some ideas and better solutions to help guide your company and its current staff in making better staffing decisions for the future. The first thing I noticed when looking at your company’s portfolio is that it lacks a conventional Talent Philosophy. A talent philosophy is a system of beliefs about how a firm’s employees should be treated. The talent philosophy also influences a company’s human resource strategy (the linkage of the entire human resource function with the company’s business strategy) and its staffing strategy (the constellation of priorities, policies, and behaviors used to manage the flow of talent into, through, and out of an org. over time) as well. Without these specific and strategic components to your current human resources plan, your company can and will lose its competitive advantage that it has worked hard to gain for many years. Based on your company profile, I’ve outlined the four basic components of a talent philosophy, as well as the human resource strategy and staffing strategy best suited for your company and its business strategy. Each component or part is split into two or more paths a company could take. As a result, I’ve selected the best possible path for your company below: - 1. Talent philosophy : The first component or part of the TP should be to hire employees who would be able to contribute to the firm over long-term careers. Based on your company profile and its mature life stage, hiring internally is in Chern’s best interest. Employees who have both the potential and the desire to be eventually promoted, increases the likelihood that they will be able to take advantage of the training and career advancement opportunities your company makes available. As a result, Chern’s should invest heavily in the staffing system for its entry-level or sales associate positions, because this is the source of Chern’s future leaders. Hiring for long-term careers is also the better choice for Chern’s since the company’s turnover rate is relatively low and the company has enough profits to invest and develop highly marketable, resilient, beneficial and essential employees. Moreover, since Chern’s is orientated towards hiring internally and retaining employees who have a substantial amount of knowledge about how the company works and who help maintain a competitive advantage, it’s makes sense for Chern’s to hire employees for long-term careers.
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Human Resource Strategy : As mentioned broadly above, the HR strategy to that links the first component of the talent philosophy to Chern’s business strategy would be to
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HRM321-Assign #1 - Fatima Iqbal 01/30/12 HRM321 Assign....

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