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Kelly Engbring 1. i) a. There is a strong correlation between language and ethnocentrism, because language creates diversity among cultures throughout the world. There are two divisions that create ethnocentrism in language, and this can be seen in a quote by Professor Elder: “What ‘we’ do is correct, natural, and superior…what ‘they’ do is incorrect, unnatural, and superior.” (Elder, 1). Those who represent ‘us’ speak the same language and those that don’t represent “you”. This creates opinions that one culture is better than another, and that inhibits the ability to relate to other cultures other than your own. b. This is a sufficient condition for ethnocentrism because a “you/us” opinion will always lead to ethnocentrism. However, ethnocentrism can occur for other reasons. c. An example to falsify this quote would be during the resistance to foot-binding in China. There was a distinct divide between the Chinese who practiced this tradition and the foreigners that frowned upon it. China realized that what ‘they’ do was actually correct, and that ‘we’ were wrong. The foreigners were doing the right thing by not practicing foot-binding and therefore chose to terminate the tradition. ii) a. The clash of civilizations occurs from differing beliefs and cultures. In The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order , Huntington states, “Culture and cultural identities, which at the broadest level and civilization identities, are shaping the patterns of cohesion, disintegration, and conflict.” (Huntington, 20). b. This quote is a sufficient condition because it is suggested in the article that cultural identity always leads to cohesion, disintegration, and conflict. However, cohesion, disintegration, and conflict don’t always result from the clash of civilizations.
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c. To falsify this quote one would find an example of two cultures that coexist together without conflict. For example, America is considered to be the melting pot of the world, in which a variety of cultures mix together without any conflict. iii.) The theme of history and resistance has occurred in the readings and throughout time. Many cultures have been oppressed for decades, and then find the courage to resist. “As the indigenous began to speak openly of “invasion” rather than “conquest,” it became evident that they had never accepted as final their military defeat” (The Peoples’ Church, MacEoin, pg. 2). b. This is a sufficient condition because the Zapatistas did not accept military defeat because they talked about invasion rather than conquest. Also, their history of being oppressed was a necessary condition for forming resistance, because the Zapatistas would not have resisted if there had not been decades of oppression. c. To falsify this quote, one would have to find an example where one group was
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takehomeexam1 - Kelly Engbring 1. i) a. There is a strong...

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