anatomyfinal - blood/heart/blood vessels - how does blood...

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blood/heart/blood vessels - how does blood in veins flow back to the heart against gravity? - contraction of surrounding skeletal muscles compresses the veins - erythrocyte – packed with hemoglobin - neutrophil – phagocytic cell with abundant lysosomes - lymphocyte – produces antibodies - monocyte – develops into macrophages - platelet – impt in blood clotting - see diagram of heart - tunica intima/interna - layer found in every blood vessel - only layer in a capillary - forms valves in the veins - tunica media - formed by smooth muscle for regulating the diameter of the vessel - layer innervated by sympathetic fibers - thickest layer in an artery - tunica externa - formed by connective tissue to give stability to the wall of the vessel - contains the vasa vasorum in larger vessels - formed elements without nucleus? - erythrocyte and platelets - continuous capillary - endothelial cells are attached by elaborate tight junctions - located where it is critical to control exchange between the bloodstream and surrounding tissues – such as in the central nervous system and skeletal muscles - fenestrated capillary - located in endocrine glands where hormones must be able to enter the bloodstream for delivery - holes in epithelial cells make it easier for substances to exchange between the blood and surrounding tissues - discontinuous capillary - located where liberal exchange is necessary so it is easy for cells to enter/exit the blood - right and left coronary arteries are the first branches of the aorta - visceral pericardium contains coronary arteries
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anatomyfinal - blood/heart/blood vessels - how does blood...

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