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White Noise – DeLillo Kindred – Butler Kinky – Duhamel Time’s Arrow – Amis Truth and Bright Water – King ‘night Mother – Norman Across the Universe - Taymor Slumdog Millionaire - Boyle White Noise : “I went outside, the copy of Mein Kampf clutched to my stomach” “A loaded weapon. How quickly it worked a change in me, numbing my hand…Did Vernon mean to provoke thought, provide my life with a fresh design, a scheme, a shapeliness?” - Mein Kampf - his obsession with Hitler - he believes it helps him protect himself from death – in this way Mein Kampf is like a “gun” he can hold in hand with this idea rather that just the idea of Hitler that doesn’t really protect him - only thing we learn in the beginning is his fear of death - “all plots lead deathward” - why does Jack teach Hitler studies?” - what does fear of death have to do with his professional fixation of Hitler? - Jack has transcended death by living the life of Hitler - tries to escape death through Hitler - makes Hitler familiar, so death becomes familiar too - gives death a reference = diminish the fear - the way he is scripting death makes death more familiar – we know more about it, so death becomes a plot - recognize the existence of a second kind of death – one synthetic and the other real - a plot to kill someone/crime shows - give story line - make death unexpected - death = climax - clear connection of how everything works - death follows a predictable script – again, “all plots tend to move deathward” Kinky : “Beatnik Barbie” Talk about failure. Barbie couldn’t snap. - Barbie cannot be counter-cultural, she was made to conform Her fingers, venetian blinds - represents sameness; both poems show that she does want to be counter-cultural but it is not natural that refused to spread. Her thumb, - large corporations snuff out counter culture stiff and apart. No hep cat, - turn fashion and culture into an accessory she had voluminous hair, too easily - mass production – may feel boring flattened under stylish berets. A face that could express so little of the anger of her times. When she tried to go barefoot, the balls of her tip-toed feet grew tired and calloused. She liked the fringe, the tie dye, and psychedelic posters. Her friend Andy Warhol even did her portrait. But she hadn’t the veins for heroin, the lungs for pot, the rhythm for jazz. She preferred glamour to Ginsberg, fashion to Ferlinghetti, winsome beauty to William Burroughs. - inertness – she can’t move herself - ownership – prefers material possessions instead of a changing movement “Hippie Barbie” Barbie couldn’t grasp the concept of free love. After all, she was born into the world of capitalism where nothing is free. And all she had to choose from was a blond or dark-haired Ken who looked exactly like Midge’s boyfriend Alan.
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english168final - White Noise DeLillo Kindred Butler Kinky...

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