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Unformatted text preview: Unit 4 Discussion Board Julia Katchum is in charge of the Eastern Regional Counterterrorism Computer Forensics Unit. Her recent investigations led her to believe that an imminent threat of a terrorist act in the Chicago area exists. She did not know much about the attack except that at least four terrorists were involved, and one of them had just made a phone call from inside the main offices of Stevenson and Barnes International Accounting Firm. Her immediate task was to proceed directly to Stevens and Barnes with an eight-person tactical team including a counterterrorism field officer to apprehend the suspect. Julia’s primary mission was to search the suspect’s office and home computers and find any information that could help thwart the attack. It was though the attack could take place before the day was over. When Julia and the CTU (counterterrorism unit) team arrived at the accounting firm, only the CTU officer went inside to avoid drawing undue attention. Inside, the CTU officer surreptitiously spoke officer went inside to avoid drawing undue attention....
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