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Chapter+1-1 - M11 Element B D A C B D A D(1(2(3(4(5(6(7(8...

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M1–1. Element Financial Statement B (1) Expenses A. Balance sheet D (2) Cash flow from investing activities B. Income statement A (3) Assets C. Statement of retained earnings C* (4) Dividends D. Statement of cash flows B (5) Revenues D (6) Cash flow from operating activities A (7) Liabilities D (8) Cash flow from financing activities *Dividends paid in cash are also subtracted in the Financing section of the Statement of Cash Flows M1–2. SE (1) Retained earnings A (2) Accounts receivable R (3) Sales revenue A (4) Property, plant, and equipment E (5) Cost of goods sold expense A (6) Inventories E (7) Interest expense L (8) Accounts payable A (9) Land E1–3. L (1) Notes payable to banks A (10) Machinery and equipment E (2) General and administrative R (11) Net sales L (3) Accounts payable A (12) Inventories L (4) Dividends payable E (13) Marketing, selling, and advertising SE (5) Retained earnings A (14) Buildings A (6) Cash and cash equivalents A (15) Land A (7) Accounts receivable L (16) Income taxes payable E (8) Provision for income taxes* E (17) Distribution and warehousing costs E (9) Cost of goods sold A (18) Investments (in other companies) *Note that “Provision for income taxes” is a common synonym for “Income tax expense.”
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