Chapter+5-1 - M5-3.Elements ofFinancial StatementsFinancial...

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Unformatted text preview: M5-3.Elements ofFinancial StatementsFinancial StatementsA(1) ExpensesA. Income statementC(2) Cash from operating activitiesB. Balance sheetA(3) LossesC. Cash flow statementB(4) AssetsD. None of the aboveA(5) RevenuesC(6) Cash from financing activitiesA(7) GainsB(8) Owners' equityB(9) LiabilitiesD(10) Assets personally owned by stockholderE5-3.Information ItemReportB,F(1) Summarized financial data for 5- or 10-year period.B,F(2) Notes to financial statements.B,F(3) The four basic financial statements for the year.E(4) Summarized income statement information for the quarter.F(5) Detailed discussion of the companys competition.D(6) Initial announcement of hiring of new vice president for sales.D(7) Initial announcement of quarterly earnings.B,F(8) A description of those responsible for the financial statements.A(9) Complete quarterly income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.C(10) Announcement of a change in auditors. A. Form 10-QB. Annual reportC. Form 8-KD. Press releaseE. Quarterly reportF. Form 10-KG. None of the aboveE5-4.No.Title7Long-term liabilities6Current liabilities2Long-term investments4Intangible assets8Contributed capital 1Current assets9Retained earnings3Property, plant, and equipment 5Other noncurrent assetsE5-6.Req. 1.Lance, Inc.Consolidated Balance SheetDecember 31, Current Year(in millions)AssetsCURRENT ASSETSCash and cash equivalents$ 807Accounts receivable, net74,406Inventories43,112Prepaid expenses and other12,933Other current assets9,778Total current assets141,036Property, plant and equipment, net...
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Chapter+5-1 - M5-3.Elements ofFinancial StatementsFinancial...

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