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Pre-lab 2: Aseptic Technique and the Gram Stain January 18-20 (To be turned in PRIOR to start of recitation for lab 2) Name: _____TD Khang______________________________________ Objective : The purpose of this experiment is to understand and perform certain techniques that will cause the least amount of contamination of specimen and will create the safest environment for the experimenters. These aseptic techniques will allow for the best results and viewing of specimen. Another purpose is to learn the techniques of gram staining to differentiate the differences among gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Procedure for aseptic techniques : 1. Turn on incinerator and allow it to run for a couple minutes as it heats up. 2. To avoid contamination, avoid sudden movements and work slowly over the bench. Only open the plate when directly using it such as removing a sample. 3. Take two glass slides and a wax making pencil. Draw two small circles on a side of each slide. Use a paper clip to be able to dip the slides into a staining jar.
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