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PRE-LAB SESSION 5 (1) - Pre-lab 5 Hand and Nasal Flora...

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Pre-lab 5: Hand and Nasal Flora: Bacterial Transformation February 8-10 (To be turned in PRIOR to start of recitation for lab 5) Name: ____TD Khang________________________________ Objective: The purpose of this experiment is to discover in what environment bacteria can grow colonies and what factors affect the growth of bacteria. Another purpose is to discover how easily bacteria are spread and to examine the bacteria on our hands and in our nose. Procedure for Bacteria Transformation: 1. Mark the E. coli to identify yours. Make sure your bacteria stays on the ice for most of the experiment. 2. Put 10 uL of DNA in the tube marked D in your iced tube. Mix the solution by flicking and return to ice bath. 3. Put the tube in the water bath for 20 seconds then return it to the ice bath. 4. Get 0.5 mL of warm broth and add a drop to the bacteria/DNA solution. Mix and put it in the heat block. 5. Put a tube of X-gal on the plate with 50 ug of ampicillin. Open the glass rod and put the x-gal on the surface of the plate and let it dry. Repeat this process for the
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