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Pre-lab 8: Immunology March 1-3 (To be turned in PRIOR to start of recitation for lab 8) Name: _____TD Khang________________________________ Objectives: An objective today is to review the slides made last experiments with disinfectant and antiseptic disks on the bacteria lawn to see the effectiveness of each. Another objective is to review the plate that has the antibiotic on it to determine the bacteria’s sensitivity to the antibiotic. Another objective is to use different dilutions of indirect ELISA to mark antigens or antibodies and determine the ratio of antibody to antigen. Another objective is show how antigens and antibodies form complexes. Procedure for reviewing effectiveness of Disinfectant and Antiseptics: 1. Measure the diameter with a ruler in millimeter. 2. Record data. Procedure for reviewing antibiotic sensitivity testing: 1. Measure the diameter with a ruler in millimeter. 2.
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