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PRE-LAB SESSION 9 - 1 Label each agar plate with the basic...

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Pre-Lab 9: Biochemical Characteristics of Bacteria March 15-17 (To be turned in PRIOR to start of recitation for lab 9) Name: _TD Khang__________________________________ Objective: Understanding and using selective media to grow certain bacteria and prevent others from growing. Another objective is to inject organisms into Triple Sugar Iron agar to be analyzed n the following week. Another objective is to use citrate utilization medium to determine if an organism uses citrate by observing color changes. Another objective is to use Motility-Indole-Ornithine Decarboxylase Medium or MIO to identify members of the Enterobacteriaceae by how they react to each aspect of the medium. Another objective is to use Urease Test Agar to differentiate between Proteus and other gram negative bacteria. Another objective is to use the oxidase teat to test for the presence of Neisseria sp. and Pseudomonas sp. and differentiate between these bacteria and the enteric bacteria. Procedure for using selective media:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Label each agar plate with the basic info. Streak each plate with the corresponding organism. Sterilize the loop each time. 2. Invert the plates and hold together with rubber band. Procedure for TSI: 1. Prepare slants. Procedure for Citrate Utilization Medium: 1. Inoculate three citrate slants and streak one of the plates with three organisms. Label the plates correctly and invert and hold with rubber band. Procedure for MIO media: 1. Label plates with correct information. Inoculate three tubes of MIO by stabbing the agar. 2. Incubate in the correct area. Procedure for Urease Test: 1. Inoculate two cultures on the two urea agar slants. Streak the slant surface and label with correct info. Incubate. Procedure for Oxidase Test: 1. Put 3-5 drops of oxidase reagent on filter paper in the petri dish. Put a small growth culture of the bacteria on the reagent. A color change should occur. 2. Use aseptic technique with the contaminated material. 3. Record results....
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