2011_Tuesday_Format Guidelines for MCRO 251 Prelab

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Format Guidelines for MCRO 251 Pre-lab Assignments SPRING 2011_ TUESDAY LAB Prior to the start of every laboratory session, you will be required to complete and submit a pre-lab assignment for the designated lab. You must read the protocol for the designated lab (located in your laboratory manual) and complete the pre-lab according to the following format guidelines. Each pre-lab assignment will include: 2-4 sentence description of the overall objective of the designated lab. o What is the purpose of this lab? What do we hope to gain from doing the experiments? A clear, concise outline of laboratory procedure , either in numbered list OR flow- chart formats. The outline does not have to be in complete sentences, but it must contain complete phrases and must be easily understood. o Imagine that you would have to repeat this procedure again next year with only your pre-lab to guide you. What critical information would you need to include
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Unformatted text preview: to jog your memory and to help you complete the experiments? o Note: the laboratory outline must be written in your own words ! Copying the lab procedure directly from your lab manual is considered plagiarism and will result in serious repercussions (i.e. academic probation and failure of the course). Please refer to the following website for clarification on what constitutes plagiarism and the university policies: http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/plagiarism.html The pre-lab assignments must be submitted to the instructors via Blackboard prior to the start of each lab period. Late assignments will receive a zero for the assigned pre-lab (out of a possible 1 point per assignment). The assignments will be graded and returned electronically via Blackboard in a timely fashion. Please refer to the grading rubric for further information on pre-lab evaluations....
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