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Problem 09-43 Student Name: Instructor Class: McGraw-Hill/Irwin FRESHPAK CORPORATION Master Budget 1. Sales Budget: Box C Box P Total Sales (in units) 500,000 500,000 Sales price per unit $0.90 $1.30 Sales revenue $450,000 $650,000 $1,100,000 2. Production Budget (in units): Box C Box P Sales 500,000 500,000 Add: Desired ending inventory 5,000 15,000 Total units needed 505,000 515,000 Deduct: Beginning inventory 10,000 20,000 Production requirements 495,000 495,000 3. Raw material budget: PAPERBOARD Box C Box P Total Production requirements (number of boxes) 495,000 495,000 Raw material required per box (pounds) 0.30 0.70 Raw material required for production (pounds) 148,500 346,500 495,000 Add: Desired ending raw-material inventory 5,000 Total raw-material needs 500,000 Deduct: Beginning raw-material inventory 15,000 Raw material to be purchased 485,000 Price (per pound) $0.20 Cost of purchases (paperboard) $97,000 CORRUGATING MEDIUM Box C Box P Total
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