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Feb 15, 12 Renaissance drama - this period begins with traveling players, performing at inns. - Theatre producers decide to build their won theatres. These companies are licensed by the queen and all plays are approved by the “Master of Revels. - Theatres built outside city wall- why? Elizabethan stage Main playing area, raised playing area, seating surrounding, seats above. Costumes: mix of Elizabethan dress and what they believed was historical.
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Unformatted text preview: Production: change of scene did not involve set changes, but rather a new set of characters coming on stage. ACTING: “realistic” for their definition – villain acted like villians, heroes like heroes, physically showing interior life. Theatres did a play day, so actors had to know many plays at the same time, and writers had to keep constant supply of new material. Would tour when theatres closed by plague, or in bad weather...
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