Physcology Reading Check 1

Physcology Reading Check 1 - utilizing 7 Which of the...

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1. 1.Dr. Wade uses PET scans to explain that the difference between a male and a female is apparent in the structure and function of the brain. Dr. Wade's specialty is. 2. Which of the following perspectives is most closely associated with positive psychology? Answer: Humanistic 3. Early researchers from which school of thought asked participants to report sensations they were experiencing? 4. A psychologist is studying optical illusions to determine how they "trick" the brain. This psychologist most likely specializes in the area of Answer: sensation and perception 5. Evolutionary psychology maintains that Answer: all of the above. 6. Many colleges use students' S.A.T. scores to determine who they will accept into their programs. Which goal of psychological science are they
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Unformatted text preview: utilizing? 7. Which of the following would be most interesting to a behavioral psychologist? 8. According to the ________ perspective, we are in control of our lives and have the capacity for positive growth. a. Answer: Humanistic 9. Which of the following explanations would be rejected by a humanistic psychologist? a. Answer: I missed class this morning because my roommate did not wake me up. 10. psychologists study the interactions between people and their physical environment, such as the effect of a neighborhood park on children's play-Answer: Enviornmental Who is most responsible for the rather narrow view of psychology held by the majority of the population? Answer: Freud...
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Physcology Reading Check 1 - utilizing 7 Which of the...

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