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Psychology jan 25 - Research described dimensions of...

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Psychology January 23, 12 Define psychology: the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Key components of this definition: Science Behavior: Things you can observe. What you can see Mental process: What is going on. Thinking. Mental process or behavior? 1. Thinking about thinking. MP 2. scratching your nose. B 3. Making a cake. Both 4. Recalling a phone #. Both 5. Contemplating a piece of art. Both Psychology informs: Biology, medicine, anthropology, computer science, sociology. Has potential to inform anywhere. To help change anything and everything. Early foundations: Plato Nativism View that certain kinds of knowledge are innate of inborn. VS. Aristolte Philosophical empiricisms (tabula rasa) All knowledge is acquired through experience. Structuralism: Wilhelm Wundt: Identify Structures of the mind.
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Unformatted text preview: Research described dimensions of feeling Methodology: introspection Functionalism William James • Identify the FUNCTIONS of the mind • Focused on interactions with environment • Adaptive significance: “Why?” • Flow of thought: Stream of consciousness Psychoanalytic Freud • Thearapy o Catharsis o Unconscious processes Conditioning Waston • Conditioning research • Little Albert Evolutionary -Mind and behavior explained in terms of adaptive value-Charles Darwin o Natural Selection o Constant struggle for resources Behaviorism-Skinner o Rejects internal processes o Focus on only what is observable Humanism Abraham Maslow-Emphasis on positive qualities of people-Humans have possibility for growth-Freedom to choose own DESTINY....
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