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Exam #1 Vocab review - 4. Theater’s place in the periods...

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Theater 101 Exam #1 Review Vocabulary Acting Action Characters Climax Comedy Compression (with regard to playwrighting) Conflict Denouement Designing Director Drama Exposition Flow House Managing Intrigue Playwright Plot Producer Skene Sophocles Stage Manager Stageability Speakability Theme Tragedy Concepts 1. Elements of classical Greek Tragedy. 2. Important themes in Hamlet. 3. How theater is work.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Theater’s place in the periods we have discussed (Greece, Rome, Medieval England, Renaissance England). 5. Minimal requirements for a theater performance and how theater is different from other art forms and literary undertakings. 6. The importance of action and conflict in a play. 7. Aristotle’s ideas on great plays....
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