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Mikhiale Camacho Communications February 11, 12 1. Mindfulness (chapter 4) – Having your full and undivided attention to what is being performed at the particular moment in time. Not daydreaming or letting your mind wonder. After game night the realtor sits both Gary and Brooke down and talks to them about their living situation. He has both of their attentions because he is trying to figure out what is going to work out for the both of them. The both have to listen and obtain the information because it will help them both out and they will not have to live together anymore. In order to do that they have to listen to all the information and make sure they follow the rules about who will get what and he also councils them both into moving on and living their separate lives. 2. Pseudolistening (chapter 4) – Acting like one is listening but they are not really there mentally. Mind wondering. In the film, when the families are leaving dinner and saying their good byes Gary just wants them out and isn’t listening to a thing anyone says as they are leaving. Brooke’s mom keeps talking and offering to help clean but Gary just wants everyone to leave. Always when her brother says to Gary that he needs to come to one of his group songs that he does he just kind of blows over the conversation and tells him to have a goodnight. 3. Selective listening (chapter 4) – Paying attention to only what one may seem is important.
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In the film, when Brooke is cooking dinner and they were arguing about the lemons Brooke stopped listening to Gary after she had told him to set the table. Then Gary was rambling on about Michael Angelo and she came back out and told him what was actually correct about the 16 th chapel and his 12 brushes. 4. Relational listening (chapter 4) – listening to others about their relationship issues and other concerning problems. After the whole fight and when Gary leaves, Brooke calls her sister and tells her about why she broke up with him. She explains just what she wanted from Gary and she wanted it to work. She takes out some frustrations while talking to her. Gary goes to the bar and is having a conversation with the bar tender and he is listening to Gary’s side of his relationship problem. He is concerned about who is going to stay at their place and he is going to keep it. 5.
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commreport - Mikhiale Camacho Communications 1...

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