COMM 101 Midterm Study Guide

COMM 101 Midterm Study Guide - Pseudolistening Relational...

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COMM 101 Midterm Exam Study Guide Chapter 1 Communication Content level of meaning Critical thinking Feedback Interpersonal communication Intrapersonal communication Noise Process Relationship level of meaning Symbol Chapter 2 Attribution Constructivism Culture Empathy Interpretation Meaning Mind reading Perception Personal construct Prototype Schemata Script Self-fulfilling prophecy Self-serving bias Stereotype Chapter 3 Attachment style Direct definition Downer Ego boundaries Identity script Particular others Perspective of the generalized other Self Self-sabotage Social comparison Upper Chapter 4 Ambushing Critical listening Defensive listening Hearing
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Informational listening Listening Literal listening Mindfulness Minimal encouragers Monopolizing Paraphrasing
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Unformatted text preview: Pseudolistening Relational listening Selective listening Chapter 5 Abstract Ambiguous Arbitrary Communication rules Constitutive rules Dual perspective Hypothetical thought Indexing Loaded language Punctuation Regulative rules Static evaluation Symbols totalizing Chapter 6 Artifacts Chronemics Environmental factors Haptics Kinesics Nonverbal communication Paralanguage Physical appearance Proxemics Silence Chapter 7 Assimilation Belief Culture Cultural Calamity Cultural relativism Diffusion Ethnocentrism High-context communication Low-context communication Norm Participation Resistance Respect Social community Tolerance Understanding Values...
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COMM 101 Midterm Study Guide - Pseudolistening Relational...

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