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Camacho1 Mikhiale Camacho English90 February 13, 12 Radiology It was a bright beautiful sunny day with the birds chirping in the trees and, the students heading to class. As I pack my books and walk towards my car to drive to my next class I get this strange feeling running through my body that I cannot explain. It is clinical day and I was pretty anxious to find out where I would be going to spend the next hour and a half of the class period. As I arrive to my destination I am excited to hear where every one was going for the day. Sitting in my seat I patiently waited to hear my name and where I was going. The anticipation was building up and I could not wait to my name called. As my teacher was reading the names off, she finally came to mine and said, “Khiale you are going to St. Luke’s hospital and you will be in the E.R. x-ray.” This was the day that made me decide why I wanted to further my education beyond high school and attend college and study Radiological Science. I had never been so excited to go to this particular class, but on this specific I just had a different feeling about it. I knew it was going to be a very adventurous time in my life. Not knowing what was going to happen, I could not wait to find out to see what was
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This note was uploaded on 02/29/2012 for the course ENGL 90 taught by Professor Rickcoonrod during the Spring '12 term at Boise State.

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englishessayk - Camacho1 Mikhiale Camacho English90...

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