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ENGL90.001 Syllabus sp 12

ENGL90.001 Syllabus sp 12 - English 90.001 Developmental...

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English 90.001: Developmental Writing An Introduction to College Writing Spring 2012 Contact Information Rick Coonrod Office: LA 200 (inside the Writing Center) Office hours: By Appointment Email: [email protected] (This is the best way to reach me!) Phone: 208-869-2554 Class meetings: M W F 9:40-10:30; LA 103 Course Information Welcome to English 90! This course is designed to prepare you for English 101 and beyond, with emphases on developing confidence in your reading and writing abilities, learning the conventions and expectations of university classrooms, and developing an awareness of the activities in writing classrooms and the terms used to talk about writing; additionally, I hope you will recognize the intricate connection between reading, writing, thinking, and learning. Learning to write requires writing—a lot of writing, to be more exact, so that is what we’ll be doing in this class. We’ll investigate not only how writing may be used to communicate ideas, but how it may be used to discover and create them as well. We’ll write to think through, into, and around ideas—abilities valuable for work in the academy and beyond. The Ins and Outs of ENGL 90 English 90 is set up as a “Stretch Sequence.” The Stretch Sequence is designed to allow students the opportunity to create and participate in an academic community of peers over the course of two semesters: ENGL 90 in the fall and ENGL 101 in the spring. This means that the same group of students will work with the same instructor for both courses, which offers many advantages to the students. However, by staying in this course you are in no way obligated to participate in my course next semester. If you are unable (due to scheduling or other reasons) to take my course in the spring, you may enroll in other sections of 101 While English 90 is designed and implemented in many of the same ways as English 101, it does differ in the fact that it is a pass/fail class which does not bear any credit. While you may initially believe that taking 90 places you at a disadvantage, the opposite is in fact true. Students who participate in 90 tend to excel in 101 and 102 at a higher rate than students who did not take 90. Required Materials Axelrod, Rise B., Charles R. Cooper, and Alison M. Warriner. Reading Critically, Writing Well . 9th ed. Boston, MA: Bedford, 2011. Print. (It’s available at the BSU bookstore and at online book sellers, and I’ll refer to this as RC, WW in assignments.)
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ENGL90.001 Other Materials You’ll Need: Several folders for various kinds of writing work (you’ll want to be sure to save all of your work from this class for the final portfolio). A flash/jump/thumb drive. You’ll want to get used to having one of these handy devices and then saving everything you do onto it.
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ENGL90.001 Syllabus sp 12 - English 90.001 Developmental...

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