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Biol 1406 syllabus F09

Biol 1406 syllabus F09 - Syllabus Biology I(Biol 1406...

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Syllabus - Biology I (Biol 1406) Professor: Mary Durant Phone: 281-618-5770 Office: W206A e-mail: mary[email protected] Office hours: 1. Prerequisite: College reading level as determined by SAT, ACT, TASP, or successfully passing ENGL 0305 with a "C" or better. ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0316 AND ENGL 0307 or 0326, OR higher level course (ENGL 1301), OR placement by testing, MATH 0308 2. Catalog Course Description: A contemporary approach to the history and applications of the scientific method, biochemistry, cell biology, classical, molecular and human genetics, principles and mechanisms of evolution and virology. 3. Purpose: This course is the first half of a two-semester sequence that will satisfy natural science requirements for majors in most fields. It will also satisfy the freshman biology requirements for biology majors, pre-professional fields and other allied health sciences. 4. Course Outcomes: a. Apply the scientific method in a laboratory setting. b. Demonstrate an understanding of basic organic chemistry and apply chemical concepts to living systems, c. Examine cell structure, function, and reproduction utilizing the Cell Theory as a unifying theme in biology. d. Examine the importance of energy flow by analyzing the inter-related metabolic processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis. e. Analyze the genetic components responsible for heredity and examine current advances in bioscience technologies. f. Demonstrate basic knowledge of virology and the impact of viruses on living things. g. Demonstrate an understanding of the components of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and contrast microevolution with macroevolution. 5. Credit: 4 semester hours 6. Materials: Text: Biological Science , 3 rd edition, Freeman Lab: Unraveling Life’s Secrets – BIOL 1406 Labs , Durant and Penrod NCS forms: 4 NCS Test Answer Sheet B (1-100) 22 NCS Quiz Sheet A (1-15) 1 NCS Test Answer Sheet E (1-200) (You will turn these in to me by the second week of class, so that I can dispense them as needed. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE FORMS. If you drop the class, you can get back any unused testing forms.) * Flash drive to save various lab activities (optional) * A copy of the textbook is available in the reserve room of the library. It is for library use only and cannot be checked out.
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7. Evaluation: 4 Lecture Exams 40% Prep Sheet Quizzes 10% Lab 30% (half group lab reports, half lab quizzes) Final Exam 20% Your grade in the course is determined by the grades you earn based on this scale: A b above 90% B b 80 - 89% C b 70 - 79% D b 60 - 69% F b 59% and below 8. Lecture Exams: Lecture exams are 85% multiple choice, and 15% short answer questions. Exam questions come from lectures and material covered on Prep Sheets! No strictly lab topics will be on a lecture exam. We will not go over exams in class, but you may arrange a time with me to look over an exam outside of class. You will have only until the next exam to review your answers. Lecture Exam Make-up Policy:
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Biol 1406 syllabus F09 - Syllabus Biology I(Biol 1406...

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