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Biol 1407 syllabus F09 - Biology 1407 Biology II Syllabus...

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Biology 1407: Biology II Syllabus Instructor: Professor Mary Durant Phone: 281-618-5770 Office: WN 206 A e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Students with disabilities who wish to request accommodations in this class, must notify the Disability Services Office as soon as possible so that the appropriate arrangements may be made. Students requesting accommodations must provide documentation of his/her disability to a Disability Services counselor. For more information, call or visit the Disability Services Office at A 104, (281)618-5481. 1. CATALOG COURSE DESCRIPTION Prerequisite: BIOL 1406 (Biology I) or equivalent; ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0316 AND ENGL 0307 or 0326, OR higher level course (ENGL 1301), OR placement by testing, MATH 0308. This course, a continuation of Biology I, includes a phylogenetic treatment of the 6 kingdoms, a comparative systems approach, behavior of living organisms and the ecology of living systems. Credit: 4 semester hours 2. COURSE OUTCOMES: a. Describe characteristics of each of the major kingdoms and phyla within these kingdoms, including basis for classification, structural and physiological adaptations, evolutionary history, and ecological significance. b. Analyze the inter-relationship between organisms from the molecular through ecosystem levels of biological organization. c. Evaluate the strength of phylogenetic relationships among organisms, and be able to distinguish among the various kinds of supportive data (i.e., fossil, developmental, structural, physiological and biochemical). d. Illustrate the relationship between major geologic change and evolutionary trends. e. Analyze the different sexual and asexual life cycles noting their adaptive advantages. f. Compare and contrast life processes from the unicellular organism through the complex systems of a multicellular organism. 3. PURPOSE This course is the second half of a two semester sequence which will satisfy natural science requirements for majors in most fields. It will also satisfy the freshman biology requirements for biology majors, pre-professional fields and other allied health sciences. 4. MATERIALS a. TEXT: Biological Science, 3 nd Edition , Freeman b. LAB MANUAL (shrunk-wrap): Diversity of Life, Biology 1407, Fall 2009 by Durant & Penrod c. LAB REVIEW (CD): Biology, Reviewing the Diversity of Organisms, Durant d. Scantron Answer Sheets (must bring to class no later than the second week) (1) 18 sheet A (1-15) (2) 5 sheet B (1-100) (3) 1 sheet E (1-200) e. flash drive (required by at least 1 member of each team)
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2 5. EVALUATION OF STUDENT'S PERFORMANCE a. LECTURE PERFORMANCE .................................. 50% 5 lecture exams Weekly Quiz average (drop lowest of 6 grades) LAB PERFORMANCE .......................................... 30% Unit 1…………………………………6% 5 lab reports (3%) 5 lab quizzes (3%) Unit 2…………………………………6% Practical 1 (3%) 4 lab reports (3%)
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Biol 1407 syllabus F09 - Biology 1407 Biology II Syllabus...

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