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BIOL 1408 Syllabus - Syllabus Biology for Nonmajors(Biol...

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1. Prerequisite: ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0316 AND ENGL 0307 or 0326, OR higher level course (ENGL 1301), OR placement by testing, MATH 0306 2. Catalog Course Description: A conceptual approach for students not majoring in science. An introduction to the nature of science, the characteristics of life, the molecular and cellular basis of life, viruses, energetics, genetics, reproduction and development. An emphasis will be placed on how these topics are related to issues facing modern society. 3. Purpose: This course will satisfy the freshman biology requirements for non-science majors at most universities. 4. Course Outcomes: Apply the scientific method in a laboratory setting. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic biochemical and cellular principles that are common to all living systems. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of energy and energy transformations to all levels of living systems. Demonstrate an ability to analyze the genetic components responsible for heredity and examine current advances in bioscience technologies. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of virology and the impact of viruses on living things Demonstrate an understanding of the theory of evolution. Demonstrate an ability to effectively communicate an understanding of links among biological principles and concepts. Demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge of biological concepts to personal, public, and ethical issues. Demonstrate a positive attitude about the relevance of biology to their lives, and their ability to use their knowledge of biology to solve real world problems. Demonstrate an ability to reason logically and think critically to evaluate information. 5. Credit: 4 semester hours 6. Materials: Text: Biology, A Guide to the Natural World , 3 rd ed., Belk and Borden Lab Manual: It’s All About You! (Pearson, 2008-09), Durant and Penrod NCS forms: 20 A form (1-15), 4 form B (1-100), 1 form E (1-200) *Purchase these and turn them in to me. Do NOT put your name on them. Syllabus - Biology for Nonmajors (Biol 1408)
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7. Evaluation: 4 lecture exams @ 100 points each = 400 points 40 quizzes/assignments x 10 points each = 400 points comprehensive final = 200 points Your grade in the course is determined by the total number of points you accumulate during the semester. The maximum number of points (not including bonus questions) is 1000.
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