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Additional Instructions for airplane Lab

Additional Instructions for airplane Lab - f An analysis of...

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Additional Instructions for Airplane Lab Type up a report of the lab and turn in one report for your team *. (Be certain to include everyone’s name on the report.) The report should include the following information: a. A complete description of the procedure used for the experiment. b. All data collected. c. A neat diagram of the physical situation properly labeled. d. A complete analysis of the physical concepts used and the mathematics needed to determine the speed of the plane. e. A diagram and accompanying geometry/trigonometry that was needed to determine any of the unknown quantities.**
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Unformatted text preview: f. An analysis of the error in the experiment including: i. A list of the sources of error ii. An estimate of how much error is associated with each source (report both the values and percentages) iii. A final report of the percentage of error associated with the speed of the airplane g. A list of any assumptions that were made. h. Appropriate citation of any internet sources used. * If you are not happy with the report that your team generates, you may turn in a separate report. ** Only if needed for your experiment....
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