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Additional Instructions for Scientific Inquiry Lab

Additional Instructions for Scientific Inquiry Lab - 5 Note...

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Additional Instructions for Scientific Inquiry Lab 1. Graphically analyze the data from the length experiment to determine if the relationship is linear, power or exponential. 2. Graph the data in a linear format and find the best fit line, or use linear regression tools in Excel to determine the relationship between length and period. Excel – Linear Regression 1. Right click on a data point 2. Add trendline 3. Type Tab – choose Linear 4. Options Tab – choose ‘Display equation on chart’
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Note – The equation that you see is in the form y = mx+b. Excel is not smart, it does not know what you graphed on the horizontal and vertical axis – you do! The final equation is not in terms of x and y, but L and τ . 3. Turn in the graph with the lab. 4. Note – You may turn in a group graph for this lab as stated in the syllabus. Just be certain to put all the names on the graph that want to receive credit for it....
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