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How to Turn in Homework by email: (starting 6/12/07) 1. Type up (in your text editor) using words and sentences the approach to working the problem. Do not use equations, pictures, graphs, or numbers. (Think about how to explain it to a friend over the phone who does not have your textbook.) I am only interested in seeing that you have given thought to each problem before the in-class recitation. (See example below.) 2. Copy and paste the homework into the body of an email (or attach as an MS Word document) 3. Include in the subject line: 4. Send it to me at the following address by the due date (ch 4,5 & 8 are due 6/14 at 7:30AM): [email protected] 5. If you want to be certain that I got your homework, then use your mail message options to ‘request a delivery receipt’. Do not ask me to email you a receipt.
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Unformatted text preview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------For Example: Chapter 4 12. To keep the object in equilibrium, I first found the vector sum of the two forces shown. Then I added a third force that was equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction to that sum. (When all three vectors are added, the net result is zero.) 25. To create a force vs. time graph from the acceleration graph, I used Newton’s second Law to determine the force at each moment in time. Chapter 6 10. Once the spheres have left the table, they would be experiencing constant acceleration. I used the kinematic equation for horizontal position to compare the horizontal distances that the spheres moved. I used the kinematic equation for vertical position to compare the times that the spheres were in flight....
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