syllabus_1401-11002 Spring 2010

syllabus_1401-11002 Spring 2010 - PHY 1401 11002 General...

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PHY 1401 – 11002 – General Physics I Spring 2010 PHY 1401 – 11002 – General Physics I Laboratory MEETINGS: Lecture 12:30 – 1:50 PM M W 259 Winship Lab 2:00 – 3:20 PM M W 259 Winship CREDIT: 4 Hours INSTRUCTOR: Lorinda Stinnett Office: Room # 210B Winship Building Phone: 281-618-1146 email: (best way to contact me) office hrs: M, W 3:30 – 4PM, T, Th 12:30 – 2PM and by appointment TEXT: PREREQUISITES: MAT 1314 – College Algebra MAT 1316 – Trigonometry ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0316 and ENGL 0307 or ENGL 0326, or higher level course REQUIRED MATERIALS: 1. Scientific Calculator (non graphing, $20 or less, no cell phones) 2. Scantron Form B (you will need 6 of them) 3. Textbook 4. Pencil and eraser 5. Notebook 6. An inquisitive mind COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course includes the study of vector algebra, Newtonian mechanics, mechanical properties of matter, gases and kinetic theory, thermal properties of matter, thermodynamics, vibratory motion and sound. The study also includes an appropriate laboratory program illustrating the principles learned in lecture. This course is not for physical science and engineering majors but can serve as the Physics requirement for the pre- professional medical programs. ATTENDANCE/WITHDRAWAL: Attendance is required for this course and will be taken on a regular basis. Some points to remember: 1. A student may withdraw from class at any time from the start of the semester until April 13, 2010 with a grade of W. 2. Communication with the instructor about any special circumstances regarding class attendance is strongly encouraged. 3. If you have a legitimate reason for missing an exam, the final exam grade will count proportionately higher. No make-up exams will be given. 4. If you have a legitimate reason for missing a lab, then you must inform me as soon as possible. Since the lowest lab grade will be dropped, a missed lab will be an automatic drop. GRADING POLICY: Quizzes 10% Recitation/Participation 10% Exam I 10% Exam II 10% Exam III 10% Final Exam 30% Lab 20% GRADING SCALE: A 90 – 100% Excellent B 80 – 89% Good C 70 – 79% Average D 60 – 69% Poor F 0 – 59% Failure
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W Withdrawn, no grade I Incomplete INSTRUCTIONAL PHILOSOPHY: You are expected to read assigned sections in the textbook before coming to class. Class time will be structured on the expectation that you have read the corresponding chapters in the text. Class attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class; you are strongly encouraged to attend all classes.
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syllabus_1401-11002 Spring 2010 - PHY 1401 11002 General...

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