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B-01.04 Problem - in the future to collect blood(d Amounts...

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B-01.04 Goudar Bloodcare is a blood donation center where eligible donors give a pint of blood about one every other month. Assess each of the following to decide if Goudar should record the item as an asset, a liability, a revenue, or expense. Asset Liability Revenue Expense (a) The monthly fee paid to maintain Goudar's website. (b) Needles, bags, plastic bandages, etc. that were used to collect blood. (c) Needles, bags, plastic bandages, etc. that will be used
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Unformatted text preview: in the future to collect blood. (d) Amounts received from hospitals to pay for the blood products. (e) A loan that is owed to a bank. (f) The building and equipment that serves as the home office for Goudar. (g) Amounts owed to a printing company that prepared T-shirts that were given away at a recent blood drive campaign. (h) The salaries of employees of Goudar....
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