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B-22.07 Problem - hours Each finished unit produced by the...

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B-22.07 (a) Compute the variable overhead variances At the beginning of the year, Blue Bird Manufacturing estimated that its annual variable factory overhead would be $405,000, and its fixed factory overhead would be $891,000. The company's payroll consisted of 15 direct labor employees, and each was expected to work 1,800 direct labor hours. Blue Bird applies overhead to products based on direct labor
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Unformatted text preview: hours. Each finished unit produced by the company is anticipated to require three direct labor hours. Actual production and cost information for the year is as follows: Total units produced 8,900 Actual variable overhead 395,000 $ Actual fixed overhead 910,000 $ Actual labor hours 26,900 (a) .. (b) Compute the fixed overhead variances....
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