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B-23.04 Problem - (d This is a measure of business...

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B-23.04 Following are key terms relating to the concept of a contribution income statement reporting format. General corporate Contribution Controllable Non-traceable Segment margin Controllable fixed Net income Uncontrollable Determine which of the following descriptions is best associated with each of the above terms: (a) These are subtracted from the segment margin to arrive at net income. (b) This amount is useful in evaluating management performance for a unit. (c) This is the result of subtracting all variable costs from revenues.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) This is a measure of business viability. (e) This result would not relate to any segment, but only the corporate total. (f) These are incurred by a unit, but not useful in evaluating unit management. (g) These costs may be attributable to a division, but not a specific product. (h) This amount is subtracted from the contribution margin, but not the controllable contribution margin....
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